Our Core People

Ed Khan

All hail the Chief!

Ed is our C.E.O and chief accountant. He would tell you his personal accounting passion is filing – Yes, he loves it so much he always wants to share the joy of it with others – by letting someone else do it.

But that’s okay, because great accountants, like Ed, don’t spend their days filing but rather sorting through and analysing financial data and preparing reports to get that data to say something sensible to the people who need it – the client.

Ed has been reviewing financial data for over 25 years. That’s a quarter of a century, so I am just going to have to give you the highlights.

Ed started his career at Trinidad’s Revenue service’s VAT Office and finding a regular work day far too short, he proceeded to spend the next 20 or so years with the teams at Pricesmart, SuperPharm, Global Materials Inc and the M.C.U. (the Muslim Credit Union not the Marvel Cinematic Universe – but he wishes it were the latter although he is actually the biggest Batman aficionado).

Then he finally settled down, after sowing his wild accounting oats, to start Financial and Strategic Knowledge Consultants or FSK as we call it with a little help from his better half – Fari.

If you want the longer story on Ed’s 25 year career, get the details via LinkedIn.

Fari Mohammed-Khan, B.Sc.

Fari is our resident storyteller – she loves to read books and people and sometimes data. She loves analysing what she’s given, extrapolating motivations, and crafting solutions for the client –

Whether what she’s given by the client is a recipe (she bakes the absolute yummiest chocolate cakes) or a really complex set of seemingly infinite numbers or a tome of 80,000+ words or just an extraordinary person who wants to start or grow a business made from their awesome talents.

Fari is also our resident tech person, so when you need Excel to magic up a formula for you or the Wi-Fi is out (because you turned off the Wi-Fi button) or there is a Printer issue (because you aren’t connected to the network) – She is the one to call!

Fari has also spent over 10 years or so before her FSK life working as an accountant and manager for companies like Financial Concepts, Global Materials Inc., BG Trinidad and Tobago (now Shell) and the M.C.U. (again not Marvel). She also spent some time at the UWI (University of the West Indies) and Sital teaching management and accounting to others.

Career details and further credentials on Fari are also on LinkedIn

Let’s build your business together!

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