Year End Matters – Responsible Financial Housekeeping

A few reminders to all our Local Clients:

  • Transition to Polymer Bills in all Dollar Denominations in Trinidad and Tobago
~ Ministry of Finance – June 2021

Many businesses have already begun stipulating they will no longer accept anything but polymer notes from as early as December 1, 2021 to ease the transition.

Make all necessary arrangements, such as depositing all old notes to the bank promptly before the deadline so you will not be caught unawares in the new year.

  • Mandatory Submission of Trinidad and Tobago Property Valuation Return
~ Ministry of Finance – September 2021

Although an extension to this deadline is under consideration –

Valuation returns can and should be filled out and submitted physically or online on or before the deadline if possible. Online access can be facilitated via “Fill a Return” at:

  • Annual Returns and Other Post- Incorporation filings Amnesty for Companies duly registered in Trinidad and Tobago
~ Registrar General’s Department – June 2021

If you have outstanding Annual Return and Post-Incoporation filings that may otherwise accrue late filing penalties and fines – please submit on or before January 5, 2022.

If you require assistance with your Annual Return or Other submissions – give us a call!

Published by Financial and Strategic Knowledge Consultants

F&SK Consultants offers professional tax, accounting and management support to help our clients optimize their business resources. Our business and accounting professionals possess decades of experience in a wide range of markets and are dedicated to not simply meeting - but indeed - surpassing our clients' expectations. We primarily cater to clients with interests in Trinidad and Tobago and those within the wider Caribbean Region.

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